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Coda Alternatives

Connecting leading private market managers with Nordic investors


In music, Coda is a concluding section that ties different parts of a composition into something greater. Coda Alternatives is a fundraising advisory focused on the alternative asset class. We help leading private market managers enhance their presence in the Nordic region by connecting them with local institutional investors and large family offices.


We collaborate with high-quality managers, enabling them to expand their investor base in the Nordics.


Coda Alternatives is a uniquely positioned private market champion in the Nordic countries. We partner exclusively with managers who have proven their long-term investment success across various market cycles.

There are several well-known private market managers who have not yet attracted Nordic investors to their funds. Even the largest managers in the industry often find it challenging to access the right people and maintain constant dialogue with large pension funds and other institutional investors.

Also, there are General Partners who might have few local Limited Partners in the Nordics, but who would like to broaden the group of their investors to large foundations and large family offices. These types of investors are very difficult to reach without deep local networks.

Value add

Deep knowledge of investors and their preferences

With our broad network and industry expertise, we extensively know the investors and their preferences. That helps us to stay topical and use fact-based argumentation. For investors, we are a value-adding partner connecting them with opportunities that align with their objectives.

Constant local presence and access to decision makers

Our local presence ensures that we are in constant dialogue with investors and have access to key decision-makers when required. We are always available to our network and clients, providing them with the support and guidance they need.

Efficient execution with curated meetings

We are committed to first-class execution and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of exceptional results. We value the time of investors and managers greatly. Well-prepared quality discussions with high-potential investors are far more important than the number of meetings taken.


Kimmo Eloranta,

Kimmo Eloranta is Founder and CEO of Coda Alternatives. He has over 20 years of international experience in fundraising, finance and business development including senior roles at Nokia and CapMan. Prior to Coda, Kimmo was a Co-Founder and Deputy Managing Partner at Scala Fund Advisory, which grew to be one of the largest private market advisory businesses in the Nordics. He has raised substantial capital for leading managers across the alternative asset class. Besides being a private market connoisseur, Kimmo is a passionate music lover from Bach to modern beats.


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Karita Meling,
Senior Advisor

Karita Meling is Senior Advisor of Coda Alternatives. She has more than 35 years of international investment experience. For the past 12 years Karita was Head of Private Equity at Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, where she was heading a team responsible for Elo’s private market portfolios with AUM of 9 billion euros. Karita led Elo’s global fund selection activities across Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure and Real Estate, and represented Elo in several Advisory Boards. In addition to her current advisory duties, Karita enjoys meeting with family and friends as well as experiences in nature, arts and culture.


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